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Corey Blankenship

Thrown harshly from the roost of normality at a young age, Corey ("Tsid" to his beloved gaming group) struggled to find a place in a broken world, clinging to the vestiges of imagination for comfort. If neither weather nor mandates prevented him, the creative youth would mount countless incursions into the perils of the "wild" frontier behind his home. These adventures, coupled with living in the majestic foothills of the Rockies and Adirondacks, implanted a love for sylvan beauty and mystery in the youth's heart.
    Once he rose into adolescence, his world shattered once more to displace the child of creativity into a realm of harsh realities. The trials of middle school tore through friendships and dreams. The only intermission came from his first glint of hope: reality Himself, Christ.
Despite his surrender to Truth, this rogue found the next years lonely and painful. The world did not answer his illimitable queries and insatiable hunger to understand; similarly yearning souls did not appear to sate the longing for fellowship. Thus, the outcast dreamer found a single avenue for his tattered heart: writing. Poetry and prose, the reams of binders and blogs filled with the longings and dreams for fellowship, communion, understanding, peace, and (above all) love.

Skein of Shadows - Edited by Neal Levin

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