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Brannon Hall

Born Election Day, Nov 4th 1975, Robert Brannon Hall “elected” to pop out 19 days early. Incidentally the first and last time Brannon was early for ANYTHING. Born and raised in the south in a small rule area along the outskirts of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, it became apparent at a young age that Brannon (or HALL, as he is most fondly known) was quite different from the other children around him. His imagination found root in books, art, and the world around him. Fascinated by art, his parents bought him a finger paint set at age four and from there, there was no turning back.
    Hall’s love of the arts grew throughout his high school years. Between writing and drawing, the imagination that so defined him as a child continued to grow as well. 
Currently Hall lives with his beloved wife in a old castle in the highlands of Scotland with seven. (I did mention the wild imagination thing earlier, didn’t I? Ok, so I don’t live in Scotland and it sure ain't a castle but I DO love my beautiful bride!! Believe it or not, the seven cat thing is actually true! Don’t ask, long story.)
    By day, he is a mild-mannered graphic designer, a job he truly loves; not only for the work involved, but due to the people he works with, as well. By night he dons the multi-leveled hat of Husband, Illustrator, and Muralist. (They call me H.I.M.! Please insert superhero pose here. Chest out, rippling muscles flexed, and cape blowing in the wind…. Image can be found in my mind. Please knock twice before entering…)

Skein of Shadows - Edited by Neal Levin

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