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Darren Pearce

Darren lives and works in the United Kingdom as a freelancer writer/game designer. He was born in 1969 and since 2000 has been involved in the game industry in various ways, shapes and forms. He joined Dark Quest Games in 2001 and since then his career has snowballed into a variety of directions. He has written rpg supplements and books for Dark Quest, Mongoose Publishing, Steampower Publishing and Tabletop Adventures to name a few. He wrote the Port Bax article in Signs and Portents magazine for Mongoose and recently completed a bonus adventure for Joe Dever’s 8th Lone Wolf book. 

He has worked on the PC Games: Breed, Knights of Honor, Savage, Galactic Command: Echo Squad and a few others. 

He’s also ghost-written a novel for a French client, which clocked around 150,000 words and 800+ pages. Darren is always writing and has done various short stories and so on, his own novels (2 of them) and some novellas for other projects. He lives in the West Midlands with his wife Gill, his three cats, Malcolm, Rosie and Midnight. Darren has a long-term dream to write a Doctor Who novel at some point in his life and has been devoted to that series since he saw the re-runs of Hartnell’s era on the BBC. 

He is a hopelessly addicted roleplayer and gamer with a still-growing collection of rpg books. 

His shelves may well never be the same again. In January 2008 with the help of Gill he put the first ever webcomic online for the Chronicles of Wyrden, a comic based on the novel that he wrote: Fate’s Hand.

Pull The Dragon's Tale by Darren Pearce

In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk, edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Elektra Hammond, and Neal Levin

Lady of Seeking in the City of Waiting by Jennifer Brozek

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