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C.S. Thompson

CS Thompson

CS Thompson is the author of A Season of Strange Dreams, a novel featuring Noctiviganti, which was described by author John Grant as “An astonishing tour de force of noir fantasy, characterized by some of the most beautifully lyrical, atmospheric writing I’ve come across in a long while. Chris Thompson skilfully blends the mean streets with the streets of dreams in this highly evocative concoction, offering the reader bafflement, dazzlement, gritty hard-boiled realism, wonder and astonishment in turn – but always delight. A Season of Strange Dreams will remain in your mind long after you’ve turned the final page.”

John Grant, on the short-story collection Games Dead People Play: "The tales themselves are generally of small-time gangsters... of murderers, of those who live on or beyond the fringes of the law... Some of the tales draw heavily upon the supernatural, such as the title story, whose protagonist is murdered but does not die; all give the impression that, even if the supernatural is not on stage during this particular segment of Thompson's world-depiction, it is waiting in the wings, its cold breath audible to the players."


CS Thompson is also the author of a poetry collection (The Night Wanderer), a new translation of Baudelaire's classic Flowers of Evil, and several works on the use of the Highland broadsword and other weapons, including Highland Broadsword, Highland Knife-Fighting and Highland Martial Culture. He is the President of the Cateran Society, an organization devoted to researching and practicing the historic Gaelic martial arts.


A Season of Strange Dreams by C.S. Thompson

And Then the Night by C.S. Thompson

City of Constant Silence by C.S. Thompson

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