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Claire Stephens McMurray
Under either last name, she has written songs about space travel, science, fantasy and life, with melodies influenced by folk and what she heard growing up in Central America, Lebanon, and Florida. However, she's perfectly happy borrowing someone else’s melody, especially if it’s Celtic. As a less-than-polished performer, she likes believing the audience knows what the song should sound like, so someone else can sing it too.
Although she wrote her first poem in 4th grade, what really got her going was her first science fiction convention, where she discovered that other people also write SF&F songs. Many of her lyrics are reactions to someone else’s novel or song (in the case of “Dragon’s Retorte” it was Randy Farran’s “Do Virgins Taste Better”) or sometimes politics. Most of the rest are about science or space. She is an enthusiastic member of the National Space Society, Planetary Society and Mars Society, as well as the Episcopal Church.

Dragon's Lure edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

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