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John Grant
Legends Of Lone Wolf Omnibus 1 by Joe Dever and John Grant
Legends Of Lone Wolf Omnibus 1 by Joe Dever and John Grant

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The Legends of Lone Wolf  Omnibus 1 by John Grant and Joe Dever

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches
Trade Paperback: 632 pages

Release Date: [Currently delayed due to art issue.] Estimated 2/2011 release

Includes: The Eclipse of The Kai, The Dark Door Opens, and The Sword of the Sun Eclipse Of The Kai

Vonatar, an apprentice in the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star (a wizard's guild) kills one member after secretly learning the forbidden Right Hand magiks. He goes to meet the Darklords and start the fiercest war ever seen in magnamund, one which would almost completely wipe out the Kai Lords.

Only one boy can save them. A mere Kai Initiate, Silent Wolf must track down the mighty Vonatar and stop him at all costs...but can he endure all of the harshness of Magnamunds terrain, creatures and enemies? Read Eclipse of the Kai to find out!

The Dark Door Opens

The Kai Lords have been wiped out, except for Silent Wolf, who begins a desperate journey to warn King Ulnar of impending doom as the armies of darkness surge onwards. This is one of a series of novels set in the mythical world of Magnamund and based on the "Lone Wolf" role-playing game books.

The Sword Of The Sun

With the Darkland army poised to conquer Sommerlund, the Kai hero Lone Wolf must journey far to take the Sommerswerd, the Sword of the Sun. Vonotar has learned of Lone Wolf, the last of the Kai, and has made preparations to make sure the warrior never reaches his destination of Hammerdal... But another entity, Alyss, who thwarted Vonotar's attempt to destroy Lone Wolf, and raised the warrior from death, also waits.

Price: $26.95