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Shimmer by John Passarella
Shimmer by John Passarella

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Author: John Passarella
ISBN-13: 978-0-9746645-7-6
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.7 inches
Trade Paperback:308 pagess

Release Date: 12/2009

Logan Walker has a gift: he senses supernatural trouble before it happens. But when his special talent predicts hell on earth, he knows his gift has become a nightmare for him and his unusual family. Possessing various paranormal abilities, the Walkers have, through generations spanning thousands of years, protected the human race from supernatural predators. These creatures enter our world through dimensional rifts and must be defeated or returned to their world before wreaking havoc in our own. But the Walkers have suffered a long war of attrition and their numbers have dwindled. They are at their weakest when our world faces its greatest threat. And time is running out.

Shimmer gives me shivers!
"Pleasant dreams will be all but impossible as you read this incredible story. The Outsider in this tale kills without a scintilla of remorse and in unique ways. This book could very well be the first of a new series. (No, I have not heard that it will be, but I can sure hope!) Each character is well developed and has at least one interesting ability. This is a very intense story. I could not read fast enough and was eager to find out what would happen next. I urge all fans of horror or the par­anormal to purchase a copy. Shimmer gives me shivers!" FIVE STARS!
—Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews


Price: $14.95