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Skein of Shadows - Edited by Neal Levin
Skein of Shadows - Edited by Neal Levin

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Authors: Brannon Hall, Brannon Hollingsworth, Nathan Ellsworth, Davis Riddle, Corey Blankenship
Edited By: Neal Levin
ISBN-10: 0979690102
ISBN-13: 978-0979690105
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.7 inches
Trade Paperback: 256 pages

A Storm is Brewing... On the eve of the Festival of the Long Night, a raucous holiday which commemorates the onset of the Demon Scourge, a mysterious ship has entered Crown, captained by an enigmatic elf in the service of the dreaded Ice Skull League. On board is a mysterious and evil relic that could bring ruin and despair to the proud city and forbidden power to the inscrutable Grey God. Beneath the waves, a stalwart alonn druid has begun a crusade to banish the relic, while in the city's slums; a cunning elven assassin has been hired to kill the captain in cold blood. As the storm approaches, a celebrated dwarven gladiator is manipulated to kill for blood and the Grey God's glory as a colossal oltreggan barbarian has been set free from prison and placed on a path with destiny. All the while, an etherean who serves as the Queen's Intelligencer frantically pulls together the pieces, trying to discover the identity of the half-demon who is behind it all. In a race against time, the unlikely heroes come together in clash that could mean the end for them all. When the storm hits, will Crown survive?

Price: $14.95


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