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Dear Cthulhu - Have a Dark Day by Patrick Thomas
Dear Cthulhu - Have a Dark Day by Patrick Thomas

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“Patrick Thomas’ Dear Cthulhu character not only sheds light onto the darkest forms of human condition, he also cunningly allows the reader to pick through the slightly exaggerated tomes allowing us to identify with some of the problems we find ourselves in.”
“Dear Cthulhu is a brilliant character that speaks the truth so many are terrified to explore or see within themselves.”
“More action-packed than Jerry Springer re-runs, yet safer than being aboard a train wreck. This is sofa therapy at its best.”
“Dear Cthulhu has singlehandedly upset entire sects of people in South America…”

“Thank goodness for the advice of Dear Cthulhu. How else was I going to get out of the messes I find myself in?”
“Britney should have stopped taking advice from the paparazzi and contacted Dear Cthulhu immediately…Now, that would have been a real come-back.”
“How was I supposed to know that it was unhealthy to sleep with a C.H.U.D.? No one gives better advice or dishes it so real as Dear Cthulhu…”
- Samantha “edie” Collins, editor of Dig This Real magazine

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