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Fell Beasts - Goblins
Fell Beasts - Goblins

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Pagee County: 68
Written By: Matthew Beall, Bret Boyd, Neal Levin, Darren Pearce, Steven Palmer Peterson, Eric Tam, David Woodrum
Illustrated By: David Hamilton, Gillian Pearce, Jeff Womack

Books in the Fell Races series fill a role halfway between monster sourcebook and player's guide to the creature discussed. For the gamemaster these books provide a wealth of information on how to expand the ways one can use the creatures described. The books include both new game rules for making encounters with familiar foes exciting and fresh, and campaign ideas and resources to help spark a story or flesh out what might otherwise feel like yet another flavorless horde of humanoids. For the player, books in this series grant insight into these unusual creatures, their technology, plans, and lifestyle. While perhaps not the first choice as a player race, many of the traditional monstrous races can make for a fun character, if only as a change of pace. All books in the series emphasize both the creature's role as opponent and the opportunity to play the creature type as heroic (or anti-heroic) adventurer.

100% of the text is provided as Open Gaming Content.

Price: $18.95