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Stock Code: DQG1502
Product Line: Temporality (d20 System)
Format: 8-1/2? x 11?, 158 pgs
Author: Bret Boyd
Cover Artist: Timothy Hibbetts
Interior Artist: David Hamilton
Design & Layout: Deborah Balsam

Temporality provides a unique and easy toolbox of ideas concerning time travel and how to incorporate it into your game. New and unique rules for d20 examine time travel as well as reincarnation, new feats, magic items, organizations, villains, and monsters.

Inside you can find:

  • The Continuum, who's task it is to keep Flows from merging into each other.
  • Rules dealing with existing spells in the context of time travel.
  • Havens, safe areas from the Material Planes that are replicated, surprising inhabitants that are unfortunate enough to be taken along for the ride.

There are limitless adventure and character ideas which Temporality should conjure up. No longer do adventures need to plod along from Point A to Point B. Stand mundane thought on its head and expand your campaign with the power of time.



Price: $26.95