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Lost Prehistorica
Lost Prehistorica

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Authors: Steven Cook,. David Woodrum, Michael Hammes, Neal Levin
Cover Artist: Steve A. Roberts
Interior Art: Owen Kugn, Gillian Pearce
Editor: Joanna G. Hurley, Ben Oxwell
Format: 8-1/2” x 11”, 108 pgs
Item Number: DQG1402

Has your adventuring party ever wondered what was to be found on those parts of the map marked "Here there be monsters"?

Have you, as a GM ever been at a loss as to what to do if they decide to explore these hitherto uncharted regions?

Have you, or your players ever wanted to play something a little more primitive?

Lost Prehistorica could be the answer to your questions! An informative well presented tool-book for the GM who wants to try something that little bit different! Packed full of new playable races, information upon long lost cultures, lost continents, nomadic tribes and settings specific monsters, this book could be just what you need to spark a whole new range of adventures in a land untouched by time where dinosaurs still roam!

Price: $24.95