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Gnomes - Masters of Illusion
Gnomes - Masters of Illusion

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Authors: Neal Levin, Darren Pearce,Fraser Ronald, David Woodrum
Cover Art by: Marcio Fiorito
Illustrated by: Marcio Fiorito, Gillian Pearce
Page Count: 96 pages
Item Number: DQG1102

Unlike those little lawn gnomes that always end up in the wrong spot... Gnomes: Masters of Illusion, the second product in the City Guide Cultures series is yours to take home now!

Unlike the stature of the race in question, this is not a small product. Following in our line started with Moon Elves, this product provides 3 cultures to explore the Gnomes, with wonderous bits of magic and mundane details.

Imperial Gnomes - Korean/Chinese flavored gnomes. (No soy sauce jokes here). Fit for intergration in any Asian campaign, or dropped fully into your normal campaign world.
Mountain Gnomes - tinkering gnomes (although not to the point of some well known tinkers.)
Hill Gnomes - these gnomes are more in line with the classic gaming image of illusionist/prankster gnomes.

Price: $17.95