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And Then the Night by C.S. Thompson
And Then the Night by C.S. Thompson

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER - Publication Date: April 2014

Book Two of the Noctiviganti Series

Jim Rankin is Noctiviganti, a “night wanderer” who can visit the world known as the Fringe in his dreams. Jim is an occult detective, a killer and a secret policeman, the warrior retainer and unquestioning servant of the Paramount, the tyrannical yet supremely beautiful queen of the Fringe. The Fringe is the world of myth and mystery from which our own world was born at the beginning of time. At its heart is a great city, the City at the Heart of Her Dreaming, and in the city is a bottomless Pit or Abyss.

In “And Then the Night," Jim Rankin receives an instruction from his masters in the otherworld: "Go to Munro, Noctiviganti. You may wait in the dark no longer."

There he has a run in with a Russian mob, threatening to supplant Paramountas Queen of the Fringe. 

Price: $14.95


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