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Beginning a Beginning by Danny Birt
Beginning a Beginning by Danny Birt

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER - Scheduled release: May 2014

Book Five in the Laurian Pentology


The reopening of Pentagram, the ancient nation of mages, was bound to attract attention.

Now the greatest forces in the world are gathering, preparing for battle -- humans and elves, dwarves and vampires, gods and demigods, assassins and healers, mages split between both sides -- none of whom will hold back, for the result of their battle will be no less than the ultimate fate of their world.

And at the heart of it all is Alaris, the single person with personal ties to all parties, the ultimate puppet master now forced to play tug-of-war with his puppets. 

...What's that?  You thought Alaris was dead? 

Well, when has he ever let that stop him?

On Danny Birt and the Laurian Pentology

 "An author of much promise" —Phillip Ellis, SFReader.com

"...an expansive world of great detail and intricacies...original and entertaining...very highly recommended..." —Midwest Book Review

Price: $16.95


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