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That One Minute by Regina Glei
That One Minute by Regina Glei

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All it Takes is That One Minute…


You think you know what’s wrong with the world…but which one? The one you're in? Or the one that mirrors ours, only one more minute closer to heaven or hell, where "angelics" and "demonics" constantly fight for dominance over our souls?


Ask Chris Burns, struggling in a job he hates and dealing with his wife’s betrayal when she chooses an Italian restaurant owner over a loser like him. What is there left to care about? But when Chris is offered a divine mission to cross that one minute and to save both worlds, he gets a shot at eternal glory.

Can a down-on-his-luck loser prevent a "demonic" uprising? Will he make a difference when faced with battling demons and power-hungry Undersecretaries from the almighty “Ministry of Spirits,” all with his know-it-all doppelganger in tow, constantly trying to undermine his efforts…

... at that shot at eternal glory


Price: $9.95