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The Key to Damocles (Radiation Angels Series) by James Daniel Ross
The Key to Damocles (Radiation Angels Series) by James Daniel Ross

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The man is back! 

In this sequel to The Chimerium Gambit, Rook is hired by his old teammate Manuel Ortega to travel to planet Persephone and stem the endemic violence. Follow this action packed space adventure as Rook pits his legendary tactical genius against a power hungry law enforcement agency director, a radical revolutionary, a heavily biased media, a terrified population, and a shadowy secret society.

Can he unravel the secrets that seek to strangle this once vibrant planet? Can he pull the plug on the revolution that robs the people of their homes and jobs? In a society clearly near the breaking point can even the Captain of The Radiation Angels find a way to make a difference?

Read as he desperately struggles to bring an end to the wanton self destruction and save a planet from consuming itself in a spectacular riot of lies and hate. Join the fight as Rook uncovers the machinations that have lead to the downfall Ortega's home world. He will travel from city to city, far into space, and into the deepest recesses of Persephone. It is a mystery that will lead across the galaxy, all the way back to Earth, and will ultimately reveal...

The Key to Damocles.

Price: $16.95


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