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The Chimerium Gambit (Radiation Angels Series) by James Daniel Ross
The Chimerium Gambit (Radiation Angels Series) by James Daniel Ross

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They say you need three things: Honor, Integrity, & Courage. What you really need is the nerve to fly half a billion light years, touch down on alien soil, and fight in a major land war... ...every other week. In the far future, aerospace navies ply the void between planets, guarding their governments against threats. These monuments of complexity and cost drain the coffers of the people and require constant upkeep, as well as endless training for their professional crews.

Wars are fought in the cold, uncaring expanse of space except when everything goes horribly wrong. When the enemy sets foot on your soil, when civil unrest or revolution raise their bloody hands to the stars, when governmental factions leave words behind and reach for guns and knives and bombs, there is little that the aerospace navies can do. This is when planets contact mercenaries, the last scions of professional ground troops.

Teams like The Radiation Angels.

Lead by Captain Todd Rook, this misfit crew is contracted for a standard coup, but they are betrayed by their employers. The Radiation Angels must wager their fortunes, their friends, their very lives on a plan that will make them rich beyond kings, or ensure their painful demise. A gamble that will become known as: The Chimerium Gambit.

Their journey will take them across the known universe and lead to a deadly showdown between Rook and the assembled might of a dictator. It is a duel that will take place without reinforcements, without proper equipment, and in the worst cesspool of all the colonies: Mars.

Price: $14.95


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