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John Grant
The Legends of Lone Wolf Omnibus 3, by Joe Dever and John Grant
The Legends of Lone Wolf Omnibus 3, by Joe Dever and John Grant

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The third omnibus edition of novels in the classic Legends of Lone Wolf series of epic fantasy based on the award-winning games by Joe Dever.


The Birthplace

Lone Wolf, sent to Barrakeesh to contract peace for his nation, finds himself immediately pitched into a murderous political game in which all the players are using his life as their stake. Qinefer, too, has come to Barrakeesh, determined to oust the evil “otherself” that long ago invaded her mind. For years it has been feeding like a parasite inside her, and only be returning to its source can she hope to drive it out. Yet to do so, she must enter the portal of the Birthplace.


The Book of the Magnakai

The Tomb of the Majhan, in far-off Vassagonia, holds many mysteries, but none is deeper than that of the Book of the Magnakai. This legendary book was stolen from the Kai order six centuries ago and long assumed to be lost forever. It contains the accumulated wisdom of Sun Eagle, order’s revered founder. Now, Lone Wolf, assisted by the magician Banedon, has discovered its whereabouts - but so has Haakon, the Archlord of Darkness...And as Lone Wolf and Haakon strive for possession of the sacred writings, they know that at stake are not only their lives but also the future of all Magnamund...

Price: $999.95


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