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A Tale of Three Cities, by Elana Gomel
A Tale of Three Cities, by Elana Gomel

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A thousand years ago humanity rebelled against its animal masters and slaughtered their four leaders: the Lion, the Tiger, the Seal, and the Bear. Now men live in the dismal overpopulated City, torn between the remorse for their ancient sin and skepticism that insists that the entire story of the Rebellion is a fairy tale.

Mara Raven has the unique ability to journey to the dream-sea, which is a place of unparalleled beauty and terror, holding clues to the crimes committed in the City. But is it a real place? What is its connection with the secret history of humanity? Are there other cities hidden within its depth? When Mara's husband disappears and her mother is savagely killed, Mara has to venture deep into the dream-sea to find the shocking answers.

Price: $14.95