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The Legends of Lone Wolf Omnibus 2, by Joe Devers and John Grant
The Legends of Lone Wolf Omnibus 2, by Joe Devers and John Grant

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Release April 26 


For the first time ever in the US, the next three novels in the classic Legends of Lone Wolf series of epic fantasies based on the award-winning gamebooks by Joe Dever-


Volume #2 in Dark Quest Books’ reissue of the entire series.


Hunting Wolf

Saved from a world of unknown and unknowable limbo, Alyss returns to warn Lone Wolf that the traitor Vonotar is alive! King Ulnar has vowed to his people that the traitor will be brought to justice and punished for his crimes. Lone Wolf must abandon his dream of rebuilding the Order of the Kai to brave the terrible dangers in the icy vastness of Kalte. Where his most hated and treacherous foe, Vonotar, awaits...


The Claws of Helgedad

In the wake of Archlord Zagarna’s unexpected death at the hands of the young Kai Lord - Lone Wolf - a titanic struggle for power has erupted among the Darklords of Helgedad. Old loyalties are soon forgotten in this bitter contest for the winner will secure for himself the ultimate prize - Archlordship of all the Darklands.


The Sacrifice of Ruanon

The wealth of Sommerlund was founded on the gold mines of Ruanon. When a regular shipment from this remote province goes missing, King Ulnar despatches the young Kai Lord, Lone Wolf, to investigate the suspected theft. His fateful mission leads him on an exciting trail of adventure, across bandit-infested wildlands to the brink of the dreaded Maakengorge, where he is forced to confront an ancient evil that seeks to destroy his homeland.


Price: $26.95


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