Dark Quest
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Beginning, by Danny Birt
Beginning, by Danny Birt

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Sanct is gone... at least for now.  But the threat he left behind hangs heavily over the head of Alaris, who has mustered his forces and set in motion world-spanning plans—plans that will change the fates of his loved ones, the world as a whole, and the gods themselves.


Now that Sanct has left, though, new questions arise: What are Alaris' designs for the world?  And what is he willing to do to achieve them?


"A fantastic tale for fantasy/scifi lovers." —Lucille P. Robinson

"Creative and Exciting." —Sherry D. Hooker

"Loved this wonderfully cerebra, highly creative fantasy!" —Lawrence Steller

The Second Book in the Laurian Pentology. 

Price: $16.95


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