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Vampire Disaster (Turning Vampire Bk. 2) by Phoebe Matthews
Vampire Disaster (Turning Vampire Bk. 2) by Phoebe Matthews

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Vampire Disaster by Phoebe Matthews
Book 2 in the Turning Vampire series 
ISBN: 978-1-937051-25-9
Release Date: Late 2011/1st Quarter 2012 
A nice girl doesn’t bite. Unless she’s me.
Last fall I found a kindly vampire to turn me. It was that or die of an incurable heart defect at eighteen. Personally, I thought death at eighteen was premature and unacceptable. What I wanted was a long life.
What I got was immortality, unless somebody drives a stake through my heart or leaves me out in the sun. A few tried. I managed to escape. 
I also met Justin and gained a very human boyfriend. I would like to say all the disasters of my life are now over, but you know they aren’t.
A couple of kidnappers. A card carrying slayer. A creepy stalker. The life of a vampire is full of surprises. The bad kind.
Price: $12.95


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