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The Dead Bear Witness by James Chambers
The Dead Bear Witness by James Chambers

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Out of Print 
The Dead Bear Witness  (Corpse Fauna 1) by James Chambers
ISBN: 978-1-937051-20-4 
A chronicle of survival in a world of the living dead.There is no Heaven or Hell; there is only blood and the dust of flesh. 

The Dead Bear Witness

   Cornell was a modern-day John Dillinger who lived only for his freedom.

   When he went down for a life sentence after a bank robbery gone bad he thought it was his worst nightmare come true. But after a stint in solitary, his nightmare had only begun: While Cornell was in isolation, all around the world the dead had returned to life to prey on the living.

    Inside the prison walls, Cornell should’ve been well protected.

He didn’t reckon on the stone cold killer who demanded his help breaking out nor the fanatic warden who forced him into helping to “save the souls” of the other prisoners. He didn’t count on being snared in a web of lies, violence, and betrayal. He didn’t expect his survival to depend on fighting his way back to freedom before the eyes of the watchful dead. Now as nooses sway over the prison yard, Cornell can almost feel one tightening around his neck, and freedom seems so far away…. 
Praise for the work of James Chambers:
“…chillingly evocative writing…”Publisher’s Weekly 
“James Chambers writes stories that are paced fast enough to friction burn a reader's eyeballs.”—Horror Reader.com 
“…often insightful, and downright creepy…”The Nth Degree
“[The Dead Bear Witness is]... a nice grisly piece for late at night.”—Allen Koszowski, illustrator
Price: $999.95