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Virtuoso and Other Stories, by Gustavo Bondoni
Virtuoso and Other Stories, by Gustavo Bondoni

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A mad artist prepares himself to work on an unimaginable scale as the whole galaxy watches...
The man who solved the world’s food problem wonders if other things might be more important...
Virtuoso is a collection of science fiction stories from the fertile imagination of Gustavo Bondoni.  Science fiction is a journey that begins with the question “what if?”, and in this collection, the reader will find it asked and answered numerous times. The answers are sometimes comforting, sometimes bewildering and sometimes saddening, but always thought-provoking.
So, come along as he examines everything from interplanetary colonization to genetic engineering, and explores new worlds light years away as well as right here in our back yard in this collection that combines a selection of his previously published work with new work being published here for the first time.
Gustavo Bondoni is an Argentine writer with over eighty stories published in ten countries, whose first two books were published in 2010. A collection of Gustavo’s previously published stories, Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places, was released in October, and his short novel The Curse of El Bastardo was published by Daverana Enterprises in November.  His work is heavily influenced by the fact that he spent most of his childhood outside of his native Argentina, being exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking, and learning never to take the status quo (or the politically correct option) as a given. Online, he hangs out on his website (
www.gustavobondoni.com.ar) and on his blog (bondo-ba.livejournal.com).
Price: $14.95