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No Man's Land, Edited by Mike McPhail
No Man's Land, Edited by Mike McPhail
No Man's Land
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With a clap of thunder above, the Aerospace fighters tear through the sky, while below, our women warriors cross the hell of No Man's Land to close with the enemy; in fourteen all-new military science fiction stories, with an introduction by David Weber, bestselling author of the Honor Harrington novels.
Featuring the works of:
Brenda Cooper
Nancy Jane Moore
Maria V. Snyder
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Kimberley Long-Ewing
Ann Wilkes
Laurie Gailunas
S. A. Bolich
Lee C. Hillman
Deborah Teramis Christian
Lisanne Norman
Judi Fleming
Jennifer Brozek
Phoebe Wray
"There's not a single piece here that isn't well worth reading." –David Weber, bestselling author of the Honorverse series.
Price: $999.95


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