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Dark Quest Games
23 Alec Dr
Howell, NJ, 07731, USA

Submission Guidelines

We know what it's like out there. Long postal service lines and a fortune in mailing expenses to just to send your manuscript into the wild. A submission return means dread and anticipation and even then you might find your beloved materials returned so fast that no one could have feasible read it. We aren't interested in wasting your time or money. We want to produce quality books, so we've attempted to streamline the submission process in a way that benefits both us and our potential authors. If you have a manuscript ready for publication, please follow the steps outlined below.

Step One: Send a Query Letter
Queries should be straightforward and to the point. Please don't insert large random chunks of your manuscript pasted in the body of the email. Include: title; word count; target audience; as well as the author's full contact information and writing experience. E-mail queries to sales@darkquestbooks.com in plain text and with no attachments. We prefer emails, however if you prefer to mail your query letter, send it to:

Dark Quest
Attn: Submissions
23 Alec Drive
Howell, New Jersey 07731

We cannot stress the following enough:
E-mail queries must contain full contact information for the author (address, phone number, e-mail.) We try to respond to queries as quickly as possible, but at this time we can offer no guarantees on turnaround.

Step Two: Submit Sample Chapters
If we are intrigued, we will request a sample of your work. Generally, we request a synopsis and the first five chapters. Your synopsis should be complete and concise. Do not leave any hooks. This is not the time to 'tantalize' us with unanswered plot points. Submissions should be double-spaced and in a 12pt font. You may print on both sides of the page, provided that the paper does not bleed through. If there is any doubt, print one side only. Submissions should be mailed to our main address (see above). If you want your submission returned, or if you want a response via post, please include a SASE with appropriate postage. If you prefer a response by e-mail, don't forget to include an e-mail address. Mailing submission packets is time consuming and expensive, especially when so many return without good news, which is why we allow sample chapters and synopses to be e-mailed to us. If you choose to submit electronically, we request that the files be sent in Adobe (.pdf), MS Word (.doc), or Rich Text (.rtf) formats. Microsoft .doc format is specifically Word 97 compatible format, do not send any .docx files.

Step Three: Submit Your Manuscript
If we like your sample, we will request your entire manuscript. At this stage, we try to provide a few constructive comments when we reject a work, but our editors don't always have the time for critique. If a rejection arrives with no explanation, please don't take it personally. Many factors go into our final decision, and only a fraction actually relate to the author and the work. Some guidelines to help you get published:

1. Single volume works have a better chance at publication than epics.
2. Shorter works have a better chance at publication than longer works
3. Fan fiction will not be published, and even solid parodies will have a hard time finding a home.

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