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About Us

Dark Quest, LLC was originally formed to promote the explorations of medieval-renactment through silversmithing, leatherworking, and various other crafts. In 2001, the corporation spawned off a new division responcible for game development. Since the majority of the staff previously involved with the company were long time gamers, this was an obvious evolution in the grand scheme of things. Little did the designers know, that this gaming hobby, would expand into such a growing business. Only 2 years later, and over a dozen products to our credit, we found the bottle neck in design has shifted from writing and playtesting, to art and layout. The balance keeps shifting over the years, but the more staff we add the more we find an inbalance.

Who We Are

We are really quite housebroken, I promise. Bios to come when they are all submitted.

Neal Levin - President, Writer, Editor He is just some guy. He thinks he wears too many titles at Dark Quest and is probably right about that. Writing, Editing, Project Coordinating, and having business responsibilities, he is the general all around go-to guy and boss of the company.
Favored Class: Ranger
Game Systems Played: Possibly too many to list. Cyberpunk 2013 & 2020, Shadowrun, Traveller, Star Trek, D&D and Advanced D&D (from 1979 on), Mechwarrior, Marvel Superheroes, Villians and Vigilantes, Runequest, TORG, Tunnels & Trolls, GURPs, Toon... and more that isn't easily remembered.
Darren Pearce - Writer Extraordinaire, Fantasy Lead Designer.
Darren is the author of the Whisper City setting, a world of his story writing creation. He is serving as the Dark Quest d20 fantasy line developer, making sure that materials fit the image that is intended. He and his wife joined the Dark Quest team in 2001 and have been producing material since then at a blazing rate.
Favored Class: Ranger
Gillian Pearce - Art Director, Supreme Art Goddess
Gillian is an artist extraordinaire. She holds the title of Art Director, as well as the most prolific artist that has been seen to humankind. I think the elves think she is pretty hot too.
Favored Class: Rogue
Chris Snook - Writer, Cyber Style Co-lead Designer
Chris is the co-lead developer for the Cyber Style line and an already depressing sort of guy. Many people have been known to say that he seems like a cybernetic organism in of himself, and that he is the one most rated as going "cyber-pyscho" at some point.
Favored Class: -
David Woodrum - Writer, All-around grunt
Dave has been known to write a few words. Perhaps few is an understatement, since he has been known to right several thousand words a day for weeks on end. Known as the one most likely to be equated with an octopus since he must have multiple arms and brains to keep track and write on so many projects at one time. This Good Baron has helped add the carrots to the stew that is Dark Quest, and may the meal provided be judged as a masterpiece, or at least quite palatable to the players.
Favored Class: Bard
Favorite All-Time Role Playing Game: Dungeons & Dragons 3.0/3.5 (that sounds cheesy but its true)
Game Systems Played: AD&D 1 to 3.5, GURPS (numerous campaign settings), Villians & Vigilantes, Cyberpunk 2013, Tourism (self published), Melodrama! (self published), Teenagers From Outer Space, Star Wars (West End Games variant), Mystic Realms (self made project), TWERPS, Marvel Super Heroes, TORG
Joanna G. Hurley - Editor
Joanna has excelled at smoothly transitioning text from one author to another to make the use of multiple authors a seemless tapestry of written excellence.
Favored Class: -
Ben Oxwell - Editor
Ben takes our stylistically impaired writing and does his best to clear it up. Said to lose hair in the process, he has been seen explaining the hairballs away as a problem from his cat… and yet he doesn’t own any cats.
Favored Class: -

Others Who Make Us Who We Are

Long Time Freelance Helpers that we consider staff through their friendship and long-time support of the company

Bret Boyd - Writer
Bret first cut his teeth in the d20 industry by winning a contest sponsored by Mystic Eye Games in 2001. He went on to contribute heavily to that company's Foul Locales line of books and to help pen the first published adventure for the Dragonstar campaign setting (Raw Recruits). Since that time, he has freelanced for the likes of Bastion Press, Dark Quest Games, Goodman Games, Green Ronin, and Sword & Sorcery among others. Bret's most recent published work is the Complete Guide to Dragonkin for Goodman Games. Look for Bret's epic "Temporality" coming soon from DQG.
Favored Class: Cleric
Favorite All-Time RPG: Dungeons & Dragons (any edition)
Game Systems Played: D&D (all editions), BugHunters (Amazing Engine), Dragonstar, Spycraft, d6 Star Wars (WEG), & Traveller (T20).
Michael Hammes - Writer
Michael has worked with Dark Quest on many projects. When told that his pen was mightier than the sword, he wished not to push the subject. It was seen the next day that he went out and bought a pen that was the size of a sword, and made of steel. This way there is never any doubt. Luckily with the quality of work, we shall never doubt his sincerity to the task.
A wandering bard who likes to spread his tremendous talents to as many fields as possible, Michael has contributed to many a DarkQuest project and always looks forward to a new challenge. For a quick peek at what's going on you can visit his very humble cottage at http://home.cfl.rr.com/dsmdm/.
Favored Class: Mercenary Bard
Patrick Lawinger - Writer
Patrick has worked with Dark Quest since the first product back in 2001. Patrick provides superb talent to us on our products, when he has a free moment from his extensive work with Necromancer Games.
Favored Class: -
Owen Kuhn - Artist
Late in 2001, Dark Quest grabbed Owen kicking and screaming from obscurity. Ever since then he has been honing his artistic talents and plodding away at work for us and other companies.
Favored Class: -

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually these are infrequently asked questions because we don't get nearly enough feedback as we should to make a consistant judgement on what people really want to know.

Q: Is the sky really blue?

A: No, it red.. but everyone tried wearing the rose colored glasses once and couldn't see a thing, so we painted the sky blue, and then realized that the glasses didn't help anyway.

Contact Us

If you are having a problem with a download from rpgnow, drivethrurpg, or from Your Games Now we are willing to help mediate or provide the assistance you need. Please note, we are not directly associated with such companies and as such any interect contact through us might end up taking longer than a direct contact through the company you purchased the product.

Quality Comments or Reviews

We welcome hearing positive or negative feedback about our products so that we may help to provide better material that fits the needs of our customer base. For the reviewers of online and print media, please feel free to contact us for review copies.

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